Early Access v3

Airships: Conquer the Skies
29 Apr 2014, 4:17 p.m.

At long last, the next early access release of Airships is ready. This release focuses on bug fixes and improvements to multiplayer.

Most importantly in the long-term, the game now has an automatic error reporting system that will allow me to much more easily diagnose any crashes. Also, I've revamped the user interface for multiplayer, which, together with the new multiplayer scheduling calendar, should make for a much better multiplayer experience.

I've also re-balanced firefighting and repair. Fires now don't start as often, which means that other causes of airship destruction (falling, exploding) are going to be more likely. Also, modules can no longer be fully repaired during combat, which stops big ships from being able to constantly repair themselves. On the other hand, you can now add truly massive machine shops to your ships:

The other new module I've added is the targeting computer, a very expensive module that further boosts the aim of the airship's weapons, beyond what a telescope can do. Certainly not something you'll want to add to any design, but a good addition to your massive all-conquering battleship.

What's up next? This release focused mostly on stability and polish. The next release, number 4, is going to focus on new stuff, specifically ship-to-ship boarding and more interesting terrain...

As always, you can get the early access version from itch.io or a whole bunch of other places. And as before, note that this is an early access version, so it's most likely buggy and unbalanced. Your reports and suggestions are highly appreciated.