Frequently Asked Questions

Airships: Conquer the Skies
25 Feb 2015, 2:53 p.m.

A bunch of questions have cropped up repeatedly in the last few days, so it's time for an FAQ.

If I buy the game from Humble,, Desura or IndieGameStand, will I receive a Steam key?

Yes, you will receive a Steam key along with your DRM-free download.

If I already bought the game from one of the above stores, will I receive a Steam key?

Yes. You can get your steam key from the store's download page. Log in to your existing store (Humble/Desura/IndieGameStand/ account. Or if you don't have an account, create one using the same email address you used to purchase the game.

If you don't remember where you got the game, but still have your original registration key, you can use this handy guide to figure out where you bought it from:

  • Codes starting with F9 come from Desura.
  • Codes starting with FD come from the Humble Widget.
  • Codes starting with FA come from IndieGameStand.
  • Codes starting with FE or FF come from
  • Finally, codes starting with FB come from giveaways or direct sales. For these, please contact me with your code, and I will send you a Steam key.
I bought the game on Steam, but I can't download it from the downloads page on the forums.

While the DRM-free copies on and Humble come with a free Steam key, the reverse is not true. Buying the game on Steam only gets you the Steam version of the game.

If I buy the game now, will I have to pay for it again when the full version comes out?

No, buying the early access version includes all versions of the game up to the final release. It's possible that there will one day be paid expansions, but these will be after the game itself is complete.

How much does the game cost?

The price was $5 until 8 AM PST, February 25, 2015, is now $10. When the final release happens, the price will increase to $15. Different stores may apply different conversion rates to other currencies, so in practice the game may cost a bit more or less in some places.

I bought the game through the Humble widget. Where is my registration key?

You can access your registration key by clicking on the "Click here for your Other key." link on your downloads page:

Will there be multiplayer?

This question has come up a bunch of times, and it confuses me. Multiplayer fights are already in the game. Whether the strategic mode will be available in multiplayer depends on whether I can make it fun to play that way. No guarantees there.

What are the future plans for Airships?

There's still a bunch of features I want to add before the final release, which are summarized fairly well in the plan page. Note that which order the features appear in is very much subject to change.

I have a YouTube channel. Can I have a key for the game?

Sure! Email me!. Make sure there's a way to verify your identity. There's a lot of scammers who ask for keys pretending to be some famous YouTube personality.

If I make Youtube videos of myself playing your game and post them to my channel, would I be allowed to monetize the videos I make?


I have some other question not covered in this FAQ.

Email me or ask me in the forums!