Instead of a demo, a money-back guarantee

2014-05-27 20:35

People have been asking for a demo of Airships for a while now. I originally intended to release one along with version 3, but this turned out to be difficult. The idea of a demo is to show off enough of a game for people to get a sense of what the game is, while leaving out enough to make them want to buy it.

With Airships, I can't see where to sensibly make this cut and leave you with something enjoyable and representative of the full game. Maintaining a demo version of the game would also slow down updates.

So instead, I am now offering a money-back guarantee.

Buy the game via this paypal link:

If you like it, do nothing and you'll get the periodic updates. If you don't like it, email me, and I'll refund you, no questions asked.

I am aware this is not as convenient as an actual demo. On the flip side, you get to play all of the game and not bump up against artificial walls. And remember, this is an early development build. It doesn't even deserve to be called "alpha" yet. So if you think the game has potential but isn't there yet, don't worry. It will keep evolving and you'll get the updates.

Why only this PayPal link? Because game stores have their own refund policies and take their own cut, so I can't tell them to refund you.

So if you've been following the game but were waiting for a demo, I'd like to ask you: try it out. I guarantee you that you can un-buy the game again with maximum convenience.