A silly idea about werewolves

David Stark / Zarkonnen
11 Oct 2013, 6 a.m.
Werewolves are very much a common trope in fantasy, and one infused with all kinds of cultural and sexual baggage that I can't be bothered to unpack right now. Instead, I'm going to present you with another bit of horrible worldbuilding, suited for any kind of schlocky fantasy setting.

What happens when werewolves have sex? Is the offspring also a werewolf? Exactly how much angst will be generated? Is the angst countably or uncountably infinite?

Let's say that what happens depends on what form the werewolves are in at the time of the act. If they're both human, the child will simply be human - though at a big risk of being infected or eaten, of course. If they're both wolves, the child is simply a wolf. Perhaps a fairly clever wolf, but a wolf.

But if one of them is a wolf and the other is human, well, that's when you get a second-generation werewolf. Those are a lot bigger, and stronger, and able to keep their mind together when in wolf form. They can even learn to transform back and forth at will.

But yeah, they're there because someone had sex with a wolf. There's going to be a lot of angst. A lot of angst and a lot of power. That can be the protagonist, then. You're welcome.