1.0.20 - Sails, Heraldry, Armours, Aerodynamics

Airships: Conquer the Skies
9 Feb 2021, 4:59 p.m.


A whole lot of new sails courtesy of Orang. The old sails still work but can't be placed anymore. The new sails have fewer restrictions, and various advantages and disadvantages. I also updated a number of AI ship designs to use the new sails.

A whole lot of new armour and armour variants, mostly courtesy of YellowMiner.

New heraldic charges: sextant, chalice, fist, and new coat of arms layouts: orle and double tressure, plus a bunch of AI-only ones.

New set of AI ships by Orang, in an Aztec-inspired style.

A new mechanic for calculating a ship's air resistance and hence speed from its shape. See the new drag overlays in the ship editor.

I also added thin slices of dust tanks and dust tank envelopes with ladders in to allow you to easily fix drag issues caused by having struts go through tanks. Take this example ship:

And compare it with this one, where the struts have been replaced to allow for better airflow:


  • Flamethrowers provide a steadier stream of flame.
  • Bomb accuracy is no longer affected by firing mode or weather effects.
  • Reduced restrictions on dorsal and ventral turret placement.
  • Hussar modules are now armourable. You may want to go back to your designs that use hussars and add armour.
  • Fixed graphical glitches with biplane hooks and damaged bomber planes.
  • Fire burns longer, does less damage, spreads faster.
  • Unimportant building fragments are now more aggressively deleted after battles.
  • Increased normal propeller propulsion by 25% and small propeller by 100%.


  • Fixed problem with editing landscape that placed soil underneath everything you put down, which made e.g building trees hard.
  • Buttons underneath the edit ship panel are no longer active or highlighted.
  • Removing decals now looks at the "place underneath" toggle to see which decal to remove.
  • Duplicating decals now also duplicates their paint.
  • Duplicating modules now also duplicates their window configuration.
  • Invading fleet indicators now show time to arrival.
  • Monster nest upgrade popup now properly pauses the game in single player.
  • You can now access the game settings from conquest mode and some other places.
  • Nicer-looking sliders in the settings.
  • Buttons and other clickable things in scrollable areas no longer extend beyond their area.
  • Updated heraldry editor: Each charge is now in a separate tab to make it less cramped.
  • Fire noises and other loops now stop playing when you pause the game.


  • Improved boarder pathing on the outside of ships, especially concerning sails and other geometries with a lot of empty space.
  • Fixed some AI building designs pointing the wrong way.
  • Fixed a replay desync bug.
  • Fixed outline display of selected decals in flipped ships.
  • Outside view is now toggled off when you switch to refitting buildings from the defences screen.
  • Fixed bug where placing modules would use the wrong armour variant.
  • Fixed bug when placing a module where it looked like it would join up to another module, despite that module not having a door in that place.

Known Issues

  • If you run the game in non-windowed fullscreen and alt-tab away, it stops completely, which breaks multiplayer. Use windowed fullscreen for multiplayer.


  • Coats of arms layouts are now fully data-driven, so you can create your own layouts. Finally. That's one of the last major bits of hard-coded information in the game.
  • You can now derive module types, armour types, and decal types from others earlier in the load order. (Earlier in the same file, or in a file with a name that comes earlier alphabetically.) See ArmourType/Wood.json, ModuleType/JUNK_SAIL.json, and DecalType/JIB_SAIL.json for examples.