Airships 6.3

Airships: Conquer the Skies
15 Apr 2015, 8:20 p.m.

Version 6.3 is out, bringing many improvements to graphics and many bug fixes. I've covered the major items in previous blog posts, so I'm just going to let the changelog and screenshots speak for themselves:


  • All graphics subtly redrawn with cleaner colour palette.
  • Nicer backdrops, clouds, explosions, smoke, trees, and birds.
  • New decals: roundels, ship name plates, gold leaf, eyes and teeth.
  • Nicer paint rendering.
  • Nicer graphics in low-quality mode.


  • New modules: large Suspendium chamber, Suspendium dust tank and propeller.
  • Updated ship and building designs to use new modules.


  • Fixed crash in multiplayer chat.
  • Fixed bug where ground would be duplicated after strategic combat.
  • Cost reduction bonuses now applied correctly in strategic mode.
  • No longer get instant counterattacks after strategic combat.
  • Apostrophes now display correctly in game text.
  • Fixed spy action failure messages.
  • Armour info now translated and includes weight.
  • Potential fix for launch problems in Windows 8.
  • Fixed subtle bug that occurred when airships split into multiple chunks.

Improvements and Adjustments

  • Ships now bounce off the left/right combat borders.
  • Multiplayer chat now automatically scrolls down to newest message.
  • AI will now surrender if heavily outgunned.
  • Decals are automatically re-applied after combat.
  • Adjusted lift from Suspendium chambers (less) and ammo store capacity (more).

All of which means that you should buy Airships: Conquer the Skies now, if you haven't already: