Grim Meathook Future Simulator

David Stark / Zarkonnen
12 Mar 2014, 9:13 p.m.

In the Grim Meathook Future, the urban area around the Tower has been submerged. Outside, there are rooftop slums and barges, inside thrives a shadowy economy of drug dealers, hackers and plutocrats.

Slip into the body of one of these denizens and try to make it. But everything you can do, the others can do too - and maybe better.

Download: Win Mac Linux (3 MB)

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move, and ,. to move up and down while in the stairwell.
  • Click on the options on the list on the right to do things.
  • You can dismiss messages by clicking on them or hitting space.
  • The list on the left is your status and inventory: if you get too hungry, tired, or injured, your skills will drop. Some of the items are usable as well by clicking on them.
  • Try stealing, er, scavenging from places when no one is looking.
  • You can break in, hack in, or use a key or password you've "acquired" to get into a room.
  • You can also datatrawl, which is scavenging in local cyberspace and may net you valuable data stored in the computers in the room.
  • You can sell certain valuable data to data fences.
  • You can buy bugs and wiretaps from hardware stores. Plant them in places and harvest them a day later, and they may contain juicy info.
  • If you have dirt on someone, you can blackmail them for cash or some item in their possession.
  • If you want to mug people, do it while no one else is watching! Tranq darts can be handy.
  • If you get tired, go home to sleep. If you get injured, go to a clinic. If you are hungry, you can buy food from the markets. If your rep drops too low, watch your step, and don't be surprised when random people start attacking you. Mob justice is the norm.
  • Watch your step: the people labelled "mugger" and "gangster" will go for you if you give them the chance!

Made for Cyberpunk Game Jam 2014. Source. The idea was to make a game where you have no special position compared to the NPCs. All actions you can do, the NPCs can do also, and the game isn't really aware that you are the player in any way. This is just a hacked-together jam game, of course, but I think this has interesting potential for really open-world gameplay.