Reverse Diablo

David Stark / Zarkonnen
10 Feb 2016, 5:38 p.m.

Be warned, this is a tasteless idea, but still kind of entertaining, which is why I wrote it up. Diablo in reverse: an action-RPG where you take on heaven, working your way through orphanages and monasteries, smashing through the pearly gates to take on the angelic host... and kill god.

Gameplay is roughly like Diablo II: you have a bunch of classes with class-specific abilities, some active and some passive, and you fight your way through various levels. This is mostly amusing because of the terribly pulpy character classes:


Operates a sweet shop. Frail but full of tricks.

  • Active: Blowpipe - Ranged attack with current poison.
  • Active: Poison Needle - Sets a poison needle trap.
  • Active: Poison candy - Drops some candies with the current poison.
  • Active: Dr. Jekyll's Concoction - Temporarily transform into a strong melee character.
  • Passive: Paralyzing Poison - Attack paralyzes targets.
  • Passive: Painful Poison - Attack causes target to scream in pain, causing fear in others.
  • Passive: Lingering Poison - Attack does damage over time.
  • Passive: Zombie Poison - Killed targets sometimes rise from the dead and fight for the Poisoner.


Big, strong, filled with violent rage.

  • Active: Mutilate Corpse - Gain mana for each mutilated corpse.
  • Active: Cannibalism - Gain health for each eaten corpse.
  • Active: Flense - Gain temporary armour for each flensed corpse.
  • Active: Rage Scream - Induce fear in enemies.
  • Passive: Bloodlust - Gain a damage bonus for each enemy you kill.
  • Passive: Violent Haze - Damage taken is reduced.


Sultry and terribly evil. More fond of ranged weapons and hit-and-run tactics.

  • Active: Seduce - Target switches side temporarily.
  • Active: Feign Harmlessness - Cause all nearby enemies to stop attacking temporarily.
  • Active: Vampire's Kiss - Slow, powerful attack that regenerates health and mana.
  • Active: Slip Away - Teleport a short distance away from enemies.
  • Passive: Carnal Inspiration - Allies move and attack faster.


A fallen priest in league with the devil.

  • Active: Summon Imp - Summons a small demon to fight on his side.
  • Active: Blasphemy - Strengthens nearby allies and weakens nearby enemies.
  • Active: Lead Astray - Chance of target switching side permanently.
  • Active: Door to Hell - Hellfire emanates from the body of the Heretic.
  • Active: Desecrate Ground - Enemies lose all special abilities and resistances on affected area.
  • Passive: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Enemies don't target the Heretic when he's not attacking or using abilities.

Needless to say, I am not actually going to make that game, nor do I suggest anyone else does, as it'd be pretty upsetting to some. But it's entertaining to come up with the abilities.